Chang Foundation Museum still open?

Does anyone know if the Chang Foundation Museum is still open?

I think this was a family’s private collection, but the objects were on display to the public. I visited this museum back in the late 90s on my own and with a group of students from the MTC at Shida.

At that time, the museum was being curated by an English gentleman named James (?) Spencer (?). He gave excellent guided tours of the exhibitions.

Oddly enough, the museum was housed in the basement of a rather tall, high-end apartment building on Renai Road (between Xinsheng and Jinshan).

I was just curious if anyone has visited this museum lately, or if anyone can confirm with us if it is still open to the public.


Mr. Spencer and the Museum were still there when I wrote my thesis on Chinese ceramics in 2002/2003. After that, I don’t know.

I’ve not visited it in a number of years. I had the pleasure of meeting James Spencer on a number of occasions, and he gave me a number of tours of the museum as well. I believe he moved back home a few years ago. Delightful gentleman, really. I, too, would like to know whether the museum is still open. I shan’t forget seeing the Zeng1 Hou2 Yi3 exhibit there, including a reproduction of the full set of bells, and they even brought a troupe of players over from the PRC to play them. Excellent stuff.

James is a friend of mine; He’s still here as far as I know.

Yes, a very nice gentleman, however he destroyed my dream of ever finding an art related job in Taiwan. Good advice, back then, I must say now! Thank you, Mr. Spencer.