Change the "Miscellaneous" Forum name back to "Where can I find...?"

I seem to remember back when Forumosa was Oriented the Miscellaneous Forum was called Where can I find…? Or something to that effect. I think that type of Forum is quite useful for a lot of people. Would it be possible for you guys to bring up at your next meeting a name change for this forum, or at least to include a parenthetical description. If you still need a place to put posts that don’t fit into other categories then you could always keep the Forum Miscellaneous. If you feel you already have too many different forums, why not cut down some of the Hartzell forums. There are a few too many of those.

Good point, most of the threads in “Miscellaneous” are either asking where to find something, or belong in another forums, maybe people are mistaking it for the Open forum.
eg: would be happier in the Teaching forum surely ?

So, Gussie, what is Miscellaneous for ?

Good point. At the moment I think sometimes people mistake it for an ‘other’ forum, but it’s actually part of the classifieds. Otehr topics should go in the open forum.