Changed jobs, have to report to local police station?

Having just changed jobs, I understand I have to report to my local police station. Does anyone know which documents I need to bring, aside from my termination letter, and what I have to ask for when I go there? I realise of course that whatever documents I bring they’ll tell me they’re the wrong ones and I need other documents, but the game has to be played.

Can it really be my local police station, or do I have to report to the big one in the city?

Have you already transferred the work permit and gotten the new job stamped on the ARC?

Yes, you “have” to. I’ve never ever bothered and I’ve never been hassled about it, despite living basically next door to my local cop shop and being on speaking terms with many of the cops. Chances are they’ll have no idea what you’re doing there if you DO go, but if you go, your ARC is all the documentation you need. It’s census stuff, not visa stuff.

Goodness me no. Not a chance. The CLA hasn’t even issued the work permit yet. It has only been seven weeks since the company applied for it, and I’m expecting the CLA to drag it out for at least another week.

Edit: Ok, reading through my correspondence with the company I find it has only been five weeks not seven, so I expect I’ll have to wait some time for the work permit yet.

But of course the CLA wouldn’t do anything without a termination letter (claiming I can’t work for two companies simultaneously, so I had to drop one job), so I had to get the letter, which was issued last Friday. So regardless of the next week of fooling around which the CLA are going to do, I’m sure I need to get myself to a police station and inform them that I’m no longer employed.

Great, that’s a very useful answer. I noted that the maximum fine is only NT$5,000 rather than a huge sum and deportation, but I don’t want a criminal record. Though I probably already have one thanks to the buxiban I worked at a year and a half ago registering me under one branch and having me work at another. Great fun being interviewed by the CLA and the police for three hours, and I gather this has shot down in flames any hope of applying for citizenship since I now have a registered conviction.

You’re not being clear enough, then.
Yes, you’ll need to go to your local police station – if you want. All they’ll want to see is your ARC with your place of employment on it. If you don’t yet have such a thing, there’s no point in going. Who exactly is telling you that you have to go? And if they’re so sure about that, how come THEY don’t know what you’re supposed to bring with you? A NT$5,000 fine? First I’ve heard of that one. Why not get it from the horses mouth, though? Go down your local nick and tell them you want to report that you no longer work for XXXX company. In English, of course. See what they say.
On the other hand, you’ll need to go to the immigration office to get your ARC, and THEY’RE the ones who might want to see a termination letter, although there’s no guarantee of that – the termination letter is usually what’s needed by the CLA when it furnishes your employer with a work permit.
Usually the immigration office wants to see the “final results” i.e. your residence visa, your contract, a copy of your employer’s permission to employ you, your health check document, your diploma, etc.

ARCs and suchlike are nothing to do with the police any more.

There. Is that better?

Basically, what sandman said. Get that new job on the ARC and then stop by the police station (if you want) to see if they want you to register. Might not be your neighborhood station though – last time I had to go in for that (12.5 years ago, after they caught me working at the new job before the permit actually came through) the station they wanted me to go to was about 15 minutes away on a motorbike; my local station is a one-minute walk away.

But basically I doubt you need to go to your local station at all. As long as you’ve gotten Immigration stamp on the new work address on your ARC I think you’re ok. The police used to be involved in the ARC process but that’s been moved over to Immigration AFAIK.

It’s the notice affixed by the immigration department to my passport. And now I’ve read it again, I see it does refer to the ‘local immigration service center’, not police station (and I have 15 days):

That seems pretty official. But apparently this doesn’t mean I have to register with them as soon as my circumstances have changed, only when my circumstances have changed and I have all the relevant documents proving that they have changed?

I know the immigration office wants to see all this so they can update my ARC, I’ve done that before. And they did want to see the original copy of my termination letter, as well as my contract with the new company, the CLA’s work permit, proof of residence (including contract with the landlord), ARC, passport, and marriage certificate. But to do all that I had to go to the main immigration center in the city, not my local one (wherever that would be).

Yes, this part I’m familiar with. But the way this notice in my passport is phrased, it seems they want me to check in the moment I leave my current job, whether or not I have a new one yet. That’s the part I’m not sure about.

Yes, I remember the change last year.

Much, thanks. Thanks also DB. So I guess now I just have to keep waiting for the CLA. A bit of a shame, since I’m due to start work on Monday.

Just keep your head low.

Hmmm. I think I’ll talk to the company about it. As long as they have the work permit, I’m happy. But if they still don’t have that by Monday then I am going to be extremely reluctant to start work. I don’t want to go through all that again.