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So my job finishes on 31 December and I got the ARC extension. Should I wait until the Health Insurance coverage finishes at the end of the month before going to the heakth office to change the payments to personal? I guess I just go along on 1 or 2 January and arrange it in the office?

My best guess!
Under no circumstances should you risk a discontinuing of your healthcare membership, even for one day.

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You should go ahead of time, not because your healthcare will be discontinued, but rather because the NHI might charge you more than you ought to be paying if you don’t get everything sorted out and on paper.

The thing is I was earlier told both on here and bt my employer who enquired of the health office that the rule is you must wait for the health insurance with the company ro expire before changing your status .

I do not like the idea of being without health care even for a day but this is what I’ve been told. If anyone has accurate info. I’d be grateful.

you cannot be without NHI if you are eligible, and have to apply or change your status retroactively. If you have to go to hospital without a NHI card while you don’t do the procedure, you should pay all cost by yourself. Though, the part supposed to be covered by NHI will be returned after the procedure done. You should apply for the reimbursement within 6 months.

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