Changes to system... a trojan?

My virus software detected a trojan… backdoor.gogul I think…

anyway, it didn’t do any serious damage, but I have two things I want to say…

  1. I forgot to set the firewall on my own pc, the secondary internet connection! Stupid, eh… oh, well.

Make sure your connections are all firewalled…

  1. My virus scanning software has detected four changes that are pending to my system…
    the kernel

In your opinion, does this look like that these changes were set up by the Trojan? My antivirus program is denying them right now, but how can I reset or clear the changes so that they are no longer on my system…


Oh! I think the better is :

  1. Backup all data you need.(document, program, IE’s faverate…)
  2. Reinstall your system.(Remember delete partition before install)
  3. Update Your System.(like Windows Update, antivirus database update…)

ps: Don’t connect internet before antivirus install.

Good Luck.