Changing address on ARC

How do I get the address changed on my ARC? I just moved… Is it something I have to do? Or, does my employer do it? Thanks…


Yeah, you just go to your local Foreign Affairs Police and they’ll do it for you. It involves taking a number, putting your old and new addresses and various numbers into a form, and then having somebody handwrite your new address on the back of your ARC and putting a tiny chop on it. You can also have your official Chinese name added in this way if you like. :laughing:

So that’s the way they do things in Taipei… all official and everything. I’m down here in Taichung and I went into the Foreign Affairs Police Station to renew my ARC and change my address. When i told the police officer that i moved he just looked at me and said,“Okay”. He didn’t write the new address on the back of my ARC or anything. It was kind of weird. But I figure whatever… that’s the way things are handled here. Maybe I’m lucky and they have no idea where in the city I live. :smiling_imp:

The specification that an ARC holder who moves his/her location of residency must do a change of registered address is clearly stated in Article 29.03 of the Immigration Law. Furthermore, Article 59 specifies that the fine for failing to fulfill the requirements of Aicle 29.03 cannot exceed NT$ 10,000.

The Taichung Police will be more lucky someday in the future when they fine you and can add that NT$ to their yearly performance total.

Christopher, be glad you are living in Taichung city, the guys there can be considered quite friendly and helpful (though by far not as friendly and helpful as the FA police in Chiayi city). If you would like to experience something else, just move to Taichung county and then report in Fengyuan…
But even in Taichung they should give you the form to report the address change…

I remember changing my address in Taoyuan as being very easy. It only took 5 minutes, waiting time included. They weren’t that helpfun, but I think they help you fill out the form if you ask them to.

So, can anyone tell me where the closest Foreign Affairs Police office is to Neihu? Or am I being stupid and I just need to go to the local police station? Pwease he’p me… I’se a confus’d fo’wener.


BTW, my Chinese name is already printed on my ARC. On the front. I just used it to get a membership at B&Q. :smiley:

According to the guy at the FAP today - to change your address you need: 1) your ARC; 2) your passport; 3) a copy of your lease.
I think Neihu is in Taipei County - not Taipei City right? For county, go to #57 Minzu Rd, Banqiao City.
If my understanding of the boundaries of the city are wrong - then go to the FAP in Ximending at the SE corner of Zhonghua and Wuchang.

Also - to make life easy - if you are moving with family members, one person can change address for everyone as long as they have the ARCs and passports

I’ve had my ARC (marriage) since Aug. We moved to a new address this month. After getting my wife’s household registration changed, we simply went to the office of immigration. We completed the ARC form with the new address, signed the form, and gave it back to the very helpful agent. My new ARC will be ready for pickup in 2 weeks…no cost. I keep my old ARC until I pick up the new one.

Hello. I’m moving with my wife to her household address and apartment next week, so was wondering what kind of documents should I present to NIA?

Check this link:

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