Changing from one visa to another?


Am getting a very possible, but not yet definite, transfer to Taipei later this year from London, England.

I have visted quite a few web sites already to find info about living in Taiwan, and I think I have most of the info that I need - although there are 1 or 2 bits that I have no idea about, or I have heard/read conflicting ideas about (and my wife does not know either).

  1. My wife is Taiwanese (she has dual nationality - Taiwanese & British) - my company will provide me with a work visa - a min of 2 years first of all - but I have read just now about a “Joining Family Visa”. Is this something that I need aswell as a valid work visa, or is the work visa enough to get by? Is the Joining Family visa “better” than the work visa?, i.e. longer, more flexible??

  2. Also, I have also been told that the work visa in Taiwan only allows me to work for this one employer - so if I leave, then my work visa expires, is this correct?

  3. If for any reason I do leave this potential employer, and my work visa expires, can I change, easily, to this Joining Family Visa?

  4. Will this Joining Famiy Visa allow me the same advantages I had with the work visa - i.e allow me to work again?

Thanks alot for any advice or info you give me!

By law yes, but law is one thing and reality another in Taiwan. The Ministry of Education won’t allow you to exercise your legal right to teach English without a work permit from them.