Changing jobs/visas/work permits during Covid 19

Hi all, Hope its ok to post this in the legal section. I’m moving to Taiwan soon to teach. I have a job lined up and I’m in the process of getting my work permit and then residence visa sorted but I have one question…

If it turns out my school is really shady or my boss has unreasonable demands, can I still, under the current Covid situation, change my visa to the 6 month employment seeking visa and look for a different job? I know that was possible before but I don’t know if they’ve changed the rules due to the pandemic. Hopefully the job will be great but I’m worried that if it isn’t, I will be stuck working there and be forced to leave the country if I quit. Or is it just better to wait until everything returns to normal (whenever that might be)?

ps - Sorry if I’ve got some of the terminology regarding visa/work permit mixed up.