Changing Language Centers?

Hey Forumosans! It’s been a while since I’ve posted ._.

I’ve been in NTU’s CLD for a year and a bit, but I’m feeling a little bored of the subjects (mainly politics) that we’re learning in class. I want to go to NTNU’s MTC instead since, according to their website, they focus more on business language.

Would it be possible to change language centers [without leaving the country and applying for a new visa]? Announce to the NIA or some other related government agency that I’m switching schools or something along those lines?

I’m Indonesian, and because I have the most useless passport on Earth it’s a little time consuming and annoying to take care of my visa if I have to go back. If it’s possible to stay in Taiwan and just continue with my studies in NTNU, or maybe make a trip to HK instead of Indo for a new visa that’d be awesome.

As per the rules a few years ago, you could not change schools without doing a visa run. I know because it happened to me. I went to the Philippines for a new visa. (I do not recommend going to the Philippines TECO)
Just apply to the new school and get a letter of admission, and bring a copy of financial support and do a visa run to HK

I see, damn :expressionless: Ah well. I’ll just go back to Indo to spend time with family for CNY I guess. Thanks for the info! :smiley:

No worries.

Just to ensure the rules didn’t change in the last 4 years flip an email to the school you want to attend. They will confirm the current regulations.