Changing language settings from Chinese to English

This may sound like a stupid question, but…I recently bought a desktop here second-hand. The problem is that it’s designed for use by Taiwanese, not me, and so everything’s in Chinese. How can I switch over so that I can read the names of my files and such in English? Do I have to install some special software, or is there a language option on Windows? I know how to get the keyboard to work in English, it’s the stuff on the screen that I need changing.

Well, if you want to have M$ Windoze in english, you will have to install an english version of M$ Windoze. There is no such thing as switching from Chinese to English. Use Linux and you can switch.

U can install M$ XP in English, and than install MUI (Multi User Interface) to also have Chinese interface, like dialog buttons, start button in chinese, etc. etc.

I do this on my home PC and its great, one account for me in englihs, 1 in chinese for gf


unfortunately can go from English to other languages, but not the other way around, only workz for windowz XP Pro as far as I kno

Great, I have to spend even more money on new software just to get this computer running. I bought it off a recently out of business internet cafe and it’s overloaded with all this crap, so much that there’s practically no disc space left. So I’m going to have to reinstall anyway, killing two birds with one stone - cleaning out the trash and switching over to English. Now, my question is, where can I find a store that sells Windows in English? The copies I saw in the computer stores here were over 4000 NT and all in Chinese. I’m in Tainan, not Taipei, so that might be a problem finding decent English-language software.

It is a pity that you have to spend so much for Windows XP (English) and a pity that it would be illegal (but very simple) for someone to copy you a CD and send it to you, but once you’ve got it, reformatting everything and installing English XP is definitley the way to go.


The license code for Chinese Windows XP works with English Windows XP and vice versa as long as they are otherwise the same version (Pro, Home, Volume Licensing, etc). If you have a legit license (with a hologram sticker on the computer), I don’t see an ethical problem with reinstalling it in English Windows XP without obtaining a new license.