Changing name on motorbike registration papers

I have finally got hold of the registration papers for my motorbike and want to get it in my name. However, the guy who had the bike before me has long since left the island. Can I still pop down to the vehicle office by myself and get the papers changed to my name? Advice please. Thanks.

I don’t think you can, unless you have the previous owner’s ID card/ARC, name chop, copy of passport, health card or something like that. It’s a bit of a grey area. Some offices will do it with only one of the above, other offices may require more than one of the above.

Your options are to contact the previous owner. If that doesn’t work, you can try to put together a bill of sale and [color=#0000FF]*[/color]forge signatures. Ideally, the bill of sale has to include model, year, licence plate number, serial number as well as the ID/ARC number of both the buyer and seller. Price and the date of sale should also be on the bill.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to verify that the bike doesn’t have unpaid fines before doing any of this.

What do you mean you “just” got a hold of the papers? Did the owner mail them to you? If so, then you can have him send you a proper bill of sales with a proof of identification and problem solved.

[color=#0000FF]*[/color]Disclaimer: I do not advocate forging signatures or anything else illegal. Just saying it’s an option…


I think they will ask for the person who is selling the bike to be there. Otherwise it is very difficult even with the identification documents and so on. And the name chop, should be the same one used when he/she bought the vehicle.

[quote=“nazmikarakoc”]I think they will ask for the person who is selling the bike to be there.[/quote]That is not a requirement. I bought a handful of vehicles in Taiwan, and the seller was rarely present. In some cases, the buyer isn’t even there in person.


Maybe this will be of some help to you…