Changing NT in Hong Kong or China

Will exchange places/banks in Hong Kong or mainland China (Chengdu) take Taiwan dollars? I imagine there could be political reasons against it…
On a related note - I know one can change money at Taoyuan, but will the place be open early enough for someone with a 7:25 am flight?

Why not just get the money changed today at a bank in Taiwan? (Yes, you can do that here now.) You have a couple of hours left.

As for being able to trade NT$ in Hong Kong, of course you can. And in the case of China I was able to trade NT$ in a bank there more than fifteen years ago; I can’t imagine that’s gotten any harder to do.

You get a better exchange rate in Taiwan for HK$.
China doesn’t even want to know about NT$, so don’t even try to change it there, or at least they didn’t when I was there two years ago.

I’ve had no problems exchanging NT dollars in China for the past 15 years. The black market gives a better rate, though.

Well, my problem is that I’ve hit my withdrawal limit for the day, so I can only change part of what I’ll need today. If really necessary, I can find a way to get what I need before I leave, I’m just wondering if it’s worth the effort - if I can show up in HK with NT dollars and get them exchanged that would be much easier.

For those of you who exchange in China - do you do it at a bank? I don’t care too much about the exchange rate, since I get reimbursed, but I will need a receipt, so the black market is no good.

If you need a receipt, a bank would be best. You shouldn’t have any problem. I’ve exchanged at banks in Hainan, Dongguan and other places.

The rate in HK has got better, but it’s still pants. Why not try the Fubon bank in Kowloon? I think it’s on Granville Road or thereabouts, just off Nathan. Near AMEX. Will your Taiwan ATM card work in HK? Mine have for the past 15 years. Might be an option?

Taiwan ATM cards work just fine in HKG, SIN & China. Even ones from crap banks like HuaNan, (my bank).

Now that is definitely good to know. Now I just need to remember to transfer some money from my post office account to my Huanan Bank account… I’m assuming the post office ATM card is whole other level of crappy and wouldn’t work.