Changing student visa

hey everybody
i was wondering if anybody can help me out with info on changing a 2 month single entry visitor visa that was issued to study at shita to the one that d allow me to study in that cheap school in ximen(forgot the name :unamused: )…
i went to waijiaobu but they said u cant change it once it had been issued to study at visa expires in August and shita starts in Sept anyway…anybody has a clue how to solve it??
please help
i ll really appreciate your answers

If your visa was for study at Shi-Da, then it wouldn’t be valid for study at this other school. What does your cheap school in Ximen say?

thank u so much for answering my post.
the school in ximen says that i should go to foreign affairs.i went there and they said i cant change it…so what’s my next step?i m really confused…

You’ll have to get a new visa. Your Ximen school should provide you with the proper documentation for you to get a student-based ARC unless it’s not a pre-approved school in which case, you’ll be getting a visitor’s visa and doing jumps.

thank u for the hints. :slight_smile: it is really helping me…
i was wondering if i can try to solve it like this…leave taiwan on a boat,get a landing and then with this go to the school and get it fixed with the u think it is gonna work?and maybe if u guys know if the info on the boats posted on tealit is up-to-date.any info regarding this matter d b greatly appreciated

i just checked the tealit info…i think it is updated and found out that there r no cruises in Aug :frowning: i m so upset…
can u maybe recommend any place i can fly to cheap…dont wanna do hk again… :s

August is peak season, there are no “cheap” flights the whole month. What’s your price range?

As for your visa situation, you can do the landing visa thing to buy you time - 30 days worth. But what exactly are you looking to do? PM me or email Someone from my office will contact you.