Changing the army for counterinsurgency ops

[quote]Tainan Cowboy:
HG -
I have been waiting for someone to post a thread about this essay. Perhaps you might do so.
My views re:it might surprise you.

Here is a link to the magazine in which it was featured:

And here is a link to a pdf of the article itself:

As always, I do hope people actually read the piece before commenting on its aim and content. [/quote]

Agreed and curious. I’d add another caveat, that (there’s always hope!) it doesn’t turn into an anti-American rant.

From another review in the Christian Science Monitor:

[quote]While US officers in Iraq criticized their allies for being too reluctant to use force, their strategy was “to kill or capture all terrorists and insurgents: they saw military destruction of the enemy as a strategic goal in its own right.” In short, the brigadier says, “the US army has developed over time a singular focus on conventional warfare, of a particularly swift and violent kind.”
Such an unsophisticated approach, ingrained in American military doctrine, is counter-productive, exacerbating the task the US faced by alienating significant sections of the population, argues Brig Aylwin-Foster.[/quote]

This is what I’m afraid of. Hearts and minds is crucial in the war of terror, in my book.

Having never served in the US military I realise I know Jack shit about the real situation, so I am genuinely interested in the views of others.

Perosnally I think the article may be a good start to a decent debate, which itself may lead to overcoming any shortcomings.

Ever the optimist.


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