Changing the name of the employer on the ARC

It’s that time again…rolls around every year or so :unamused: Why don’t I just get married…

Some people have told me it’s possible to change the name of the employer on a specialized work ARC visa without having to through the malarky of cancelling the old one and going through the whole exit-reentry process again. Has anybody got experience of switching companies and staying on the same ARC?

When I went to the police station they told me it was only possible if the employer was the same (as in the company changed but the ownership was the same). This sounds like complete hogwash. I mean these people just say whatever comes out of their mouth.

I have checked Article 53 on EVTA website which states

Any employed foreign person who needs to change his employer or to be recruited to work for 2 or more than 2 employers within the permitted duration must request the prospective new employer to apply for permission to change. The prospective new employer shall prepare and provide documents of termination of previous contract.
Foreign workers who comply with Subparagraphs 1, 3 and 4 of Paragraph 1 of Article 51 and have obtain permission of the central competent authority may be exempted from the aforementioned restriction.

Now I am in that very special grey area that Taiwan specialises in where I am illegal and legal at the same time. My new work permit has just been approved (just the contract has been approved by consular affairs, not the work VISA) but I am also technically illegal because my ARC has been cancelled (since I got my termination contract letter last month). However my multiple entry is open till middle of next month.

Has anybody got experience of switching companies and staying on the same ARC? I’ve got my release form from the old company already. However to make matters worse I have a contract clause in the old company which specifically states I cannot work for any competitors within the next year!!! Which means if the ministry of foreign affairs calls my old company (unlikely since I already have the release letter but…) and lets them know I am working again for another company in the same area I’m going to get busted another way, they already are threatening a lawsuit against my old colleague who joined me in jumping ship, they think I am back in Europe !!! Jeez.