Changing Visa - Hong Kong or in Taiwan?


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since most threads are already really old and also sometimes there is conflicting information, I just wanted to ask a few questions. I am currently doing visa runs on 90 days visa excempt free for almost 1 year now and I am planning to change that.

1 - Can I convert a visa excempt free for a working permit + visa without leaving Taiwan if a school wants to hire me or do I have to fly to Hong Kong for that ?

2 - Can I convert an visa excempt free / apply for a student visa without leaving Taiwan or do I need to go to Hong Kong for that ?

3 - If one of above requires Hong Kong, is there somewhere a short Guide on where to go in Hong Kong and what to do there ? If I would leave Hong Kong Airport I wouldnt even know where the consulate is and what I have to apply for (I read somewhere that for example I have to apply for a visitor visa and change that in Taiwan to a school visa, something like that ?!)

4 - If you enter Taiwan on a Visitor Visa instead of excempt free, can the visitor visa be changed into either a work visa or a student Visa

Ok, thank you guys for helping me out. I know these questions have already been answered many times, but I think some informations are outdated and some are conflicting


why don’t you ask to NIA or BOCA? you can get reliable answers from them than asking here to unknown online people.

yes, if your passport is not from Brunei, Philippines, Russia or Thailand.

Visa-exempt entry cannot be converted to visa-based stay, unless any of the following applies:
white-collar professionals who have obtained a work permit within their permitted duration of stay(Brunei, Philippines, Russia and Thailand are not included) may apply for a work visa together with their spouse and minors (under age 20) who entered the ROC at the same time.


TECO in HK聯絡資訊

電話:(852) 2887-5011 (諮詢時間:上午9時至12:30,下午1:30至5時: consultation time: 9–12:30 and 13:30–17:00)
40th Floor, Tower One, Lippo Centre, No.89 Queensway, H.K.(map)

yes, if there is no stamp saying it cannot be converted.


thanks man


Why do people on a budget go to Hong Kong to do these things when Manila is cheaper?


Why indeed?

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Manila is indeed cheaper, but Manila also has particularly poor public transit and gridlock. That might be daunting for some who are probably not in the right state of mind or in a bad situation.


Don’t go to Manila
The treatment I received when applying for a visitor visa there a few years ago was appaling.
They just outright refused … said that office doesn’t issue visitor visas. I had to finally demand to speak to the consulate officer and finally they agreed after a major argument.


It’s “Ma’am”!


“Why do people on a budget go to Hong Kong to do these things when Manila is cheaper?”

cuz I dont care about money for the most part, I want it stressfree and easy going


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somehow similar question.
Why do people ask here on things they can find answers easily on government sites?


One reason, here can get a variety of experienced, and not so experienced, responses quickly.