Channel 4 'swearing' ad

Some of you have probably seen this, but it’s such a great ad…

Channel 4 (UK) has been running a series of ads starring celebs from various shows including West Wing, 6 Feet Under, ER (so I’ve been told) etc. etc. consisting of clips strung together of them answering a set (unspoken) question such as ‘your favourite word’ or ‘your favourite place’. The one they reserved for late night broadcasting was ‘your favourite swear word’ and the results are hilarious.

:nsfw: in a MAJOR way :smiley:

Note: it takes a few seconds to load and you do need Flash Player. The official site doesn’t seem to be working but I found this one on someone’s blog

That is fucking hilarious. But it makes me homesick. Richard Whitely nearly swore. Cunt. Mine is Cunt. Its the strongest by far.


That was uexpected!

My three favs

  1. Shite
  2. Faaaak
  3. Whore

Wanky tit basket

Fucking brilliant. FUCK! GAN-NI-NIA-POA-JIBAI!

(Those were my first naughty words on Formumosa. Let’s see how many other prude forumosans we can get to say something dirty here!)