Chanting HU


All are welcome to the weekly HU Chant at the Riad Chi Chi
restaurant. We’ll sit quietly, Sing HU for 20 minutes or so
and then have a quiet contemplation.


Sorry to be all 21st century and stuff but you really need to give us a time and location (restaurant address).


Islam or Eckankar?


If it’s Hu I guess it’s Eckankar.

I was a TM kid, so for us it was Ng.


“Hu” is Arabic for “He” which, when chanted by Sufis, is taken to refer to God. Sikhs have a similar practice, with “Ik Onkar” (roughly, the “One [primordial] sound, OM”) being one of the things that they chant. A family of Hindu religious groups called Sant Mat borrowed a lot of Sikh terminology; they focus on guru devotion and chanting mantras in order to experience the sounds and lights of the spiritual worlds. The founder of Eckankar (=Ik Onkar) plagiarized some of their English books, replacing the names of real people mentioned in them with a bunch of made-up names (think Theosophy), and claimed to be the 967th living Eck Master.

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Maybe here? Next to Maryjane Pizza.

Riad Chi Chi, No. 16號, Lane 76, Section 3, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District, Taipei


But we need a time. I can’t just turn up and start chanting while Joe Chen and his family are having dinner.


Why not?

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But Hu cares.


Fair point. My free jazz combo used to perform in Mr Pacos to punters who were very much flummoxed to be witnessing our intense interpretations of Coltrane at very close proximity. On the plus side you’d never need to make conversation with your date.


I just thought it would be funny if some foreigner bust in on Joe Chen and started chanting HU


6.30 pm this Friday, I’m free if you are.

Wear a kaftan.


3.8 stars and some unpleasantness


“Hi, I’m looking for Hu.”


“That’s right.”

“No, who are you looking for?”



Crickets do make a somewhat HU-like chant


I think don’t understand it but still find it stupid. Can I join? it sounds fun.


6.30 this Friday. Let’s do this.


I’m not kidding. I might be late, I finish work at 6 and need to prepare my mind for this with the help of a couple of beers.


That makes a lot of sense. I might explain it actually.


If they already have a weekly Hu chant, you might be able to just call the restaurant and find out when that is. (If OP doesn’t reappear.)