Character drop-out?

I’m working on a new Web page, and one viewer has reported a missing character from the box of 20 numbered characters about halfway down the page. … inese.html

Does anyone else have trouble seeing any or all of the characters?


No problem on IE6, Win 2000.

Comes up as just garbage code on IE6, Mac OS X.

No problem on NS7, Win 2000.

No problem on NS7, Mac OS X.

Downloads the file rather than displays on Safari, Mac OS X.

No problem IE6, Windows XP.

Your site will appeal to many educators, of which a larger proportion are Mac users using IE6, much larger than the 3-5% of the general popularion. Even in my MBA program at the Chicago GSB, half of my professors use PowerBooks. So, I’d get your pages tested on a Mac.

Thanks, Jeremy.

The Safari response is very weird. Maybe that browser doesn’t like my Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM). And it looks like I’ll have to adjust the font-family line.

Would love to test more on a Mac; I just don’t have access to one.