Charged NT$2100 for health insurance + 'other' is this normal?

As the title says I received my first pay from my school and as I took away the 18% of tax (NT$10,206) I was still missing NT$2100, My full pay before tax… etc… should have been NT$56,700 but received only $44,355I asked my manager and he told me this is for national insurance and other tax (I forgot the name of the other one).

Is this correct?

Ask them specifically.

Tax at ___% is easy to calculate. I think the going rate is 700 something for NHI with arc. Thats what i pay. Maybe they are somehow charging you for labor insurance and their sides fees? Just ask for documention for proof. If they cant provide it, you dont need to pay. Golden rule.

Could be old age pension as well. (Lao Bao)

Maybe not pension, but labor insurance (勞工保險普通事故保險). it may be about 900 NTD.

You maybe pay for NHI about 800 NTD.

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Do you get a payslip telling you what the deductions are specifically? Generally you’re deducted for tax, pension, and NHI.

Based on my own payslip, NHI and pension combined was like 1900.