Charging NHI for Health Services Performed Overseas

Hi there, so a few months ago whilst on holiday in SE Asia, I ended up with food poisoning so bad I had to go to hospital. It ended up being a bit costly especially because it was a private hospital. Anyway, a friend told me that it might be possible to get some of the money reimbursed by NHI here. I still do have all the documentation of my medical records and receipts from the visit.

Has anyone does this successfully before? How long is the window for making a claim? How much are they likely to reimburse? Any real, solid, non-speculatory, first-hand information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It’s the very first one for me

This page explains how much you can get and how to do.

Prepaid Medical Expenses

nothing stated explicitly here that they don’t cover stuff that happened abroad:

I had the exact same situation happen with food poisoning . I paid $15000nt for a doctor and nhi gave me about $2500 to $3000nt. It was a fraction of what I paid but yes they did pay.

Takes them a long while to cough up the money, about a month to two. I went into my local nhi office and they helped me fill out the forms. .Although if I knew it was only $3000 return I wouldn’t have bothered.

thanks, yeah, I paid about the same amount myself, about $500 US for the visit. I didn’t expect all of it to get covered, but good to know you get something. Any reimbursement would be welcome.

In that case yes, expect about $3000nt ish.
They say they will only pay what a local doctor would have got paid

A good friend ( 10 years in taiwan and nhi) went to Thailand a few months ago and had a heart attack . He paid around 400,000 ntd for his treatment. I genuinely ( and him too ) didn’t realize there was any claim in taiwan ? Bummer because it looks like you have to claim for emergency treatment within 30 days . :pensive:

how soon did you make your claim to NHI? This happened at CNY, so 4 months ago already.

mine was a month later however I don’t see a time limit on the website. 4 months sounds still readonable. It says you need the following

  1. Application for reimbursement of medical expenses; 2. The original of medical expenses receipt and itemized statement of medical expenses; 3. Certificate of diagnosis or supporting document; 4. Discharge medical record abstract in the case of inpatients; 5. Identification document and supporting document to prove his/her dates of departure and return of the voyage in question in the case of ocean-going sailors.
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isn’t it 6 months?

I will have to check . He has now had to go to the UK as his Mother is very ill , so I think it may be quite hard for him to claim . Anyway I will inform him that it may be possible . Many thanks for your kind help

where do you apply for this? or cam you just walk up to any hospital?

So does anyone know where to go for this? I am a Taipei resident and I am not sure if I should go to the Taipei Division office or the National HQ, both are in different parts of town, I’d like to make this as one trip, not two. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.

just got mine back… they gave me 900 NT for a total of 27,000 NT spent on health expenses, ABSOLUTE BULLOCKS! I’m going down in person to complain. I figured it should have at least been 5000, I think something went wrong here, or I need some kind of an explanation. Anyone know why I have received such a paltry sum?

make sure you take a taxi both ways, to increase your out-of-pocket expenses

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Sounds about right. I had 15k of expenses and got about 2k if memory serves. If I knew it was so bad I wouldn’t have bothered.

that actually doesn’t sound right, because mine was more, 27,000 and I got less, only 900.

if you would get the same treatment in Taiwan, how much you and NHI should pay?

27,000 was my out of pocket cost, so I have no idea how they arrived at this figure, it’s an insultingly low paltry amount though, clearly… .only 900? where the fuck are they getting off with that?