Charging NHI for Health Services Performed Overseas

If you could get the same treatment in Taiwan for your pay of 900 ntd, or most of the treatment is not covered by NHI in Taiwan, it could be 900 NTD.

I have a feeling that I got ripped off by the hospital where I was, they did a lot of unnecessary stuff just to bilk more money out of me and also I am missing the diagnosis, so things like the CT scan I got might not have been justified for the head injury I got in the eyes of NHI because there isn’t anything stating that. I turned in everything I had, but don’t have the diagnosis from the hospital. I don’t wanna track it down either, because that will be a major ordeal and probably not worth it. but I’m still gonna go back to NHI and make my case. what I got back is bullshit.

On its face you’re right it doesn’t make sense but they told me that some things weren’t covered and the things that were they gave me what a doctor in Taiwan would have got under NHI which isn’t much. The part that is the same is the large expense and the paltry sum

that’s what I need to figure out, but 900 out of 27,000 is a feckin’ rip off!

Sounds like the 27,000 was the rip off. I’m somewhat glad my monthly contributions weren’t spent on