Charisma Man!

Anyone ever seen this comic book? Charisma man-- I’m not kidding.

Charisma Man, 1998-2002: The Complete Collection

Funny stuff, this guy is creative, and well, its pretty much true.


That was bloody funny. (My only complaint is that that the western girls in the comic strip were too thin :wink: )

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[color=cyan]Brilliant! [/color]
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I agree.

How’d they get hold of my life story? I’ll sue.

Here’s another one:

[quote=“Maoman”]Here’s another one:

Hahaha that is awesome! That first one is probably how my younger kids view me, since I’m a huge ex-football player… :laughing: Priceless! :notworthy:

So spot on it hurts! Hurts me funnybone!

These “Charisma Man” comics are really hilarious!

Where can I see more? Is there a website?

(The website that “cornelldesi” gave above is just an Amazon website, and they’re selling the whole collection for US$10. But I mean is there a website where I can see the comics for free?)

Over a month later and the first picture still makes me laugh so hard tears come from my eyes (or that could just be my allergies, who knows).

Absolutely classic. Love it.

I lived in Japan during 98 to 99. I used to read this forgiener publication called “the Alien”. They were the japanese version of “the onion”. I think that Charisma man is a creation of one of the ppl at that magazine. Run a search you should be able to find something. :rainbow: