Charity Flea Market! Got anything to donate, or want to come shopping?

Guys, we’re putting a booth at local flea market to get some money together for charity, and we would love for you to come support. You can help out by:

  1. Donate.
    Bring your goodies the day of event, or arrange an advanced pickup with us. You can simply write us at, FB message us, or call our local office at 02-27645784, and someone will get back to you!

  2. Come.
    There will TONS of cheap stuff to buy, from many booths at Second Love. Don’t miss out on the fun. You can check out the past events from photos here: … e/1385701/
    Oh! Better yet, you can BARTER! That is correct, we’re doing it the old school way: bring something in, and you can take something home

  3. Facebook Us.
    Nothing to give and no time to come? No problem, you can still help out by simply getting onto Facebook. “Like” ACI’s page (, for a whopping 5NT donation to a great charity, HOPE WW!

So, whether you are in Taipei or not…it’s your chance to spread a little love.


Just a day of selling stuff outside would be way too boring, no?
What’s a market without some extra performances, to spice things up, right?! We have already lined up a Chinese language art gig, but would love to have you join as well!

Got a special act to you’ve been dying to share with the world? Here is your chance! Contact us to figure out how to pencil you in. You can simply write us at, FB message us, or call our local office at +886-2-27645784.

Saturday, May 12, noon ~ 6pm

SE corner of Keelung Road and Xinyi Road (near Taipei 101)
Address: #54, Songqin Rd. Xinyi District, Taipei City

It’s a flea market…that means anything goes! Oh, but keep mind that Second Love is totally hip and funky, so it’s full of cool stuff only!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sponsored by: Asia Innovation(

For details visit: … -may-2012/