Cheap and comfortable computer chair in Taichung?

My plywood box has finally given up the ghost. Time to get a ‘proper’ chair.

Know where to get a used one? Don’t really wanna spend over a NT1000, prefer to spend under NT500. I’m in Taichung.

Know any second-hand stores?

rt mart 500nt, i’ve had one for a few years, no problem.

i know a really good cheap furniture place but it’s in houli.

Try Carrefour or any other local hypermarket also. Second-hand stores are not very popular in Taiwan. I think it has to do with the mentality of wanting things new.

Was at Carrefour today. The NT519 chair was toddler-size.

But saw a decent one for NT1200.

Still gonna shop around a bit more, at furniture stores, cuz I’m sure there’s a better deal out there somewhere.