Cheap bourbon so I think


Don’t they import the malt for that though? They could import the corn.


Wondered about that, too, but already Kavalan is super expensive due to angel’s share in the sub-tropics. I don’t think Taiwanese palates would value a NT$2-$3k bottle of bourbon when white-label Beam can be had cheap, and because it’s not Scotch whisky I doubt that any foreign market would provide a purchasing base sufficiently strong enough to build a brand (might be able to sell bottles based on curiosity alone, but those might be one-off sales only).

Bourbon isn’t usually aged as much as whisky, so the angel’s share loss might be smaller and the price might be lower. But I think a Taiwan “bourbon” would still probably be sold at an above-market price, at least based on Kavalan’s experience.

Still, you never know what devious marketing minds can come up with.


Ha, the magic word ‘CHEAP’!


Yes, bit of a brain fart on my part of course. I kind of assumed corn commodities were higher but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I think a corn based whiskey would be a really interesting experiment here.


It’s like cheap lager, rice, corn and some barley.


It would be. Naming it would be fun. Lao Ye Ye maybe.


This store (CAPE liquor) has 4 for NT$1000 Wu Fu (5th) road and MinQuan Kaoshiung City.


Don’t think I won’t do a road trip.


If everyone just buys 250 NT$ Bourbon, they’ll be out of business soon.