Cheap but sexy briefs

where i come from, guys wear briefs so I was quite surprised that most stores here sell mostly boxers. i did find stores selling briefs but they’re not as good as I hoped them to be (they look really plain). by sexy briefs, i mean something that looks like this: … 54&pid=40#

But for NT500 apiece, it’s just too expensive IMO for such a small piece of clothing, and I’m not really looking for a particular brand name. Maybe NT300 max is acceptable for me. I went to Ximen near the red house and the briefs there also cost around NT500. I also tried looking online and found this:

But I think it says I need to order a minimum of 10, which is just too much for me. I’m looking to buy just 2-3, and I also prefer buying in a store so I can take a good look at it. any ideas?

Those (private structure) are sexy?

So, do they still stick to the wall after a good night out? THAT’s your definition of sexy. Hey, it’s what’s inside them that counts, after all.

hey, it’s not just about getting laid. there are days when i really do run out of briefs and i’m forced to use the boxers i bought here, which i’m not comfortable using

Go to Carrefour. Most of the mens underwear there are briefs. They’re sure to have something suitable.

mmm… yeah, done that. but most of their briefs just look plain…

Do guys need sexy briefs? Do girls care? Do gay men use them to seduce other males? A lesbian coworker told me that gay men are into all sorts of angles to gain an edge, because “the competition is stiff” :slight_smile:

( i got sexy briefs too, but it didnt get me an edge in getting ladies, by the time you are in the showing off briefs stage, the women are already there, so to speak)

thank you guys for your opinions but i just need answers :unamused:

back in taiwan i only found BVD brand briefs. They weren’t sexy but they did the job. And yeah, i hate boxers too.

have you looked at the dept stores?

only carrefour and a dept store near my place but nada. i also tried hang ten, net, uniqlo and giordano but found none that I liked. oh well, maybe NT500 is the standard price for the style i’m looking for…

i know of a boutique in taichung that has cute undies for guys, but i don’t know where you’d find the brand online or in taipei. are you coming to taichung anytime soon?

i’d love to visit taichung but for now i’m stuck in taipei. maybe i’ll just get the Private Structure one if I don’t find any sexy briefs cheaper than NT500.

My GF did find some briefs in Taichung ,which may have been “sexy” before i put them on! If you are visiting Taichung in the future PM me and i will find out where she bought them.

N.B. I thought this was a thread about inexpensive, Female,Taiwanese Lawyers :popcorn:

Try the gay village in Ximending. Everytime I pass the area on the scooter I see an underwear shop with the kind you are looking for.

The OP already went there, but they’re not in his budget.

I have a feeling that higher quality/style goes hand-in-hand with higher price. I like the styles offered by Mr. Dadado, but I’ve only ever bought two pairs, because those two pairs set me back NT1,000 :astonished:

Just go commando. Cheaper, sexier. :laughing:

I agree. Glad thats what that waitress at the Viet cafe did the other day, cept she forgot to wear her outer pants or a skirt as well. But who’s complainin ?