Cheap dual nationality from Taiwan's client states?

Let’s say that one is not entirely comfortable depending on the U.S. government for his future freedom. Let’s say that one would like to buy or otherwise apply for a second passport. Let’s further say that one is not Jewish, Irish, or anything else quite so useful.

I notice that Taiwan has diplomatic relations with several piddly-squit banana republics. Does anyone know if El Salvador or Guatamala, etc. could be persuaded to sell citizenship in one of those tropical paradises for a reasonable price?

Perhaps I could approach one of their diplomats personally…but could I be sure my new citizenship was properly entered into the computer?

So, what do you think?

The current Salvadoran ambassador appears to be honest, but hey what do I know. “Duped by Latinos” is my middle name. The guy who is hoping to get his job in the future (this would be a few years out) is pretty much amoral (which leads me to believe he just might have a shot at it, despite an astounding lack of other qualifications :unamused: ) so stay tuned.

The Guatemalan embassy wouldn’t even certify a diploma issued by a school in Guatemala, saying that it would be necessary to travel TO GUATEMALA to get the stamp put on at the Taiwan representative office there. People who work that way are not likely to sell passports, IMHO. Or at least they’d make you travel for it. :wink:

In brighter prospects, comments made by my Dominican ex-husband would lead me to believe that the Dominican Republic Embassy was, at least in the past, a good place to purchase a passport for less than an English teacher would make at a buxiban in a month, let’s say. I do not know if the current occupants of this esteemed organization are engaging in such sales, but given the salary levels and the cost of living in Taipei…well…but then again you might want to visit the Domincan Republic first, and bring a generator…and buy a big water container for those nearly week-long water cut-offs.

I don’t know about other countries. Those are the only two I’ve had much to do with or heard much about lately.

If you’re even half serious, I’d try some of the Usenet groups, you know, “soc.culture.[nameofcountry]”.

Have you thought about one of Taiwan’s polynesian buddies? It wasn’t that long ago that the Marshall Islands was handing out passports for big investors. They stopped that, but you never know.