Cheap, easy way to visit the US this summer?

Is someone know how many way to go USA during summer vacation? Please tell me, maybe travel or work and travelling programm, work volunteer… which is easy an cheaper way to go?

Just a thought, but I met people from Taiwan working here a few summers ago:

No idea how attractive an opportunity it is. Unlike most places on the Jersey shore Wildwood was not affected by the hurricane this year–if you ever see its beach you’ll know why, like a mile from start to ocean’s edge it seems–so it should be BOOMING this year.

I am from Philadelphia and have worked at Moreys Piers for three summers back in 03 - 06. It was an incredible opportunity to meet lots of people from all over the world and live in a wonderful little ‘tourist island’. The pay is not great but its actually more than enough. They do take care of your visa issues and hire a lot of Taiwanese people… especially now :slight_smile: If you’re really interested feel free to PM me about this place and maybe i can put you in touch with someone who has been there and or a recruiter for the company.

oh thanks. Moreys Piers is located in Philadelphia? and can u give me more imformation :slight_smile: