Cheap Flights Out of Taiwan

Just planning a quick weekend escape from Taiwan, does anyone know how much the cheapest of the cheap flights are to Hong Kong (or Macau, willing to take the ferry) or Tokyo?

I was under the impression the lowest you can get a flight to HK is about 10,000 NT return? But others are saying it’s much lower than that… thought I’d check with the pearls of wisdom on here if 10k is overly excessive… If anyone could give me a list of the budget airlines that pedal out of Taiwan that’s be super useful too, I suspect there aren’t many more than CeBu, Jet and Air Asia…

Cheers guys… :slight_smile:

Try Cathay Pacific, they usually have specials to HK or Seoul for under 10k.
Otherwise Cebu Pacific is cheap if you book early enough.

AirAsia is another good one. Direct to Bangkok, KL and Kota Kinabalu (the cheapest ones are Bangkok and KK)

Cheap way out roundtrip flights to Angeles City, Philppines this weekend for less than NT$6000 on

But who wants to go to Manila…?

There are some nice parts of Manila and the food is good… oh and it’s cheap, much cheaper than HK and the weather is better and I dare say that the cheap hotels are better.

more likely to get mugged though, aren’t you?

Manilla and Angeles City have more Western products including food and restaurants at the shopping centers than can be found anywhere in Taiwan.

Beautiful beaches within driving distance or can fly to more exotic locations around Philippines.

Can stay in nice hotels much much cheaper.

But yes, dirty and unsafe.