Cheap hotel or hostel in Puli?


I was wondering if someone knows a good place to stay a night around sun moon lake? I live in Taichung but going by scooter will take a couple hours and we are planning to go hiking so we want to stay a night and go back to Taichung the next day. We are looking for a simple room for not more than 1000NT on Saturday, any ideas? Thanks!

That’s going to be really difficult. Saturday is high season. Puli is actually not cheaper than SML (unless you stay at a real dive).

Try Lake House: 285 5207. Might be a little more than NT1000. I think it was NT1200 when I stayed but that was mid-week.

The other option is to stay at the teachers hostel if you have a youth travel card (must be under 35).

You could try the Puli Hostel.

Dorms are $500 a night

I remember seeing places in Shuishe, at SML, which advertised NT$1200/night.

we ended up staying in the “Islet Inn” for 1200NT a night. It was not a hostel but a really nice modern hotel style double bed room. They also give u a voucher for a free maccas breakfast in Puli. The owners are very nice and speak very good English. It was totally empty on a weekend, so a bit boring cause nobody was there but I recommend it if you want a quiet night. It’s a bit hard to find though cause it’s in the rice fields somewhere.

there is a hostel in Sun Moon Lake area.
300 NTD per night.