Cheap Hotels in Taipei

It’s been asked before but…

What are some nice, cheap options for Taipei? Cheap as in under $1000/night, nice as in clean.

Me and the hubby will be up there for a few days either tomorrow or the day after, and need to find a place to crash.

Seems a bit unlikely. Do you consider motels “nice”? Apart from the strange-looking fixtures and the, um, extensive cable-TV selection, they’re often pretty good value for money. Not gonna happen for $1000, though. There’s a decent one near me in Danshui offering rates of about $1500:

EDIT: sorry, I just checked the website and it seems that rate is for 休息, not per night. That wasn’t mentioned on the signboard outside.

Failing that … thought about couchsurfing?

Hostels and love hotels are about your only choices.

I’m fine with both of those. Can you stay in Hostels now though? Last I checked they had some new rule where you could only stay for a week minimum.

Go to There are at least a dozen hostel and guesthouse options. And di a search on budget hotels online as well as you can often find deals.

You also have an option of staying at a luxury condominium in downtown Taipei for a good price, aparthotels are available in some of the best districts. I have stayed at some of those discount hotels that advertise for nt$1000 or so- and they are always old, dirty, and out of the way.

Check out They have one in Datong, and another in Zhongshan. These are really nice condos, and you can stay there for just nt$2000 and up. I stayed at Voguestar for a few days- This place was really nice, I would describe it as comparable to any luxury hotel in the city, and you’re getting a good place at a good price.

Travel safe, my friends. :slight_smile:

I should probably report in on our stay!

We stayed in this place which was around $2300, I believe, and was absolutely fantastic. Best hotel we stayed in all trip!

If you qualify for a youth travel in Taiwan card (or if you steal one) you can book into the Taipei Hero House for $1500 for a three-bed room (no smaller rooms) on weeknights (I’m assuming that’s Sunday to Thursday). Which is a pretty damn good deal for a decent quality stay (clean and comfortable, if slightly minimal).