Cheap parking at Taoyuan Airport (TPE)?

Hey! Long term (2 weeks) parking at or near TaoYuan airport that is affordable? Can’t find anything to speak of. Anyone have any tips? Thanks!

Depending on where you come from you’d be better off taking a taxi or limo.

Coming from Hsinchu, but with 8 people, lots of luggage. We have our own large van.

Why not take the HSR to Taoyuan (11 minutes from Hsinchu) and then catch the MRT to the airport (around 20 minutes including wait time)?

Very convenient, very inexpensive.

Thanks bojack. That might be our best option. We were trying to avoid having our 5 young kids trying to get that much luggage on and off of public transport. But we may give it a go anyways. :slight_smile: What’s the worst that could happen? haha

There are actually ‘taxi vans’ or ‘limo vans’.

I can’t believe how convenient Taiwan has made it for West coast travelers to get to the TPE airport. Using the HSR headed north it is so simple. Just get off at the Taoyuan stop, scan out of the HSR area, follow the “MRT Airport” signs, swipe your you-you card to get into the MRT area, walk upstairs, wait for a few minutes on the platform - and then after a few stops get dropped off to swipe out right at the airport’s front door.

I think it’s amazing. If I’m not in a hurry I can even take bus 182 to the HSR station for NT15 one way. Great system.


Thanks for the help guys! This answers all my questions! Happy New Year!

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There is actually outdoor parking for NT$150 per day. You will have about a 5-minute walk. I haven’t tried it, but may consider it in the future. The MRT doesn’t work for me. I live in Xizhi. With two kids and the wife, I can probably save about 200 NT by taking the MRT to Nangang and then a taxi. It’s not worth it for me because this is considerably longer (in time) a HUGE hassle with all the luggage. In the future, taxis or maybe driving and parking.

There are ‘limo’ companies that provide vans and other cars for about (Nangang-Taouyuan) 700-1000 NT$. If you call them directly it’s cheaper than going through the rental company at the airport arrival desk.

Yeah, I’ve read lots of people here who live north of Taoyuan who have said the MRT simply isn’t convenient (or finished yet, I’m not really sure).

But if you live south of Taoyuan it’s really slick. An exception might be if you wanted to take lots of luggage. Not sure what the number would be where the HSR-MRT route would lose its advantage over a taxi, but as far as I can tell there’s a dedicated space to store luggage at the front of each HSR car. Maybe 4 bags per person? During the day it always seems open, but at night (on the way back from the airport) it does tend to fill up.

Maybe it was tailored to favor those working in Hsinchu’s Science Park industries, not sure, but it works exceptionally well for those of us who do live in Hsinchu.

150NT per day sounds interesting. Are you talking about Cargo area parking lot 3 ? Or about something different. I just could find that link I am asking because it looks like the only option for me. To reach HSR I also need to take taxi.

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Marasan, that sounds reasonable. Where is that parking? When is the last time you used it? That’s what I am worried about… 5 kids and luggage hassle. Would rather drive our large van and get as close as possible.

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I’m sorry to report that I’m short on details with that parking area(s). I was driven in a cab to the airport recently by someone I know. He told me about the parking around the airport. I expressed serious doubt that there could be something so cheap so he drove past the terminal and to the parking area. Sure enough, 150 NT per day. And like I said, it’s about 5 minutes’ walk to the international terminal.

It seems like a private parking lot (I think I saw more than one), and not anything associated with the airport. Outdoors and a big sign with the price.

Maybe if somebody doesn’t chime in soon with better info, you could search in Chinese.

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Airport parking lots

So, that seems to work out to $490 for a car (“small vehicle”) for terminal parking, or $480 a day in cargo parking lot 1 (yay! save $10NT!), or $1200 for a month in cargo parking lot 2.

These looks like lists of off-site car-parking:


The Aviation museum is gone!

Parking lot 3 at the cargo area is 24h, 200NT$/day