Cheap phone cards to AU and EU

I am in desparate need of some cheap phone cards to Australia and Belgium.
The cards I am using now from the 7-11 are about $20NT a minute
I used to buy cards in Au worth $1NT a minute.
Would you have a website, phone number or actual address (Taipei) where i could buy these?
Marc Gerritsen

Have you tried using Skype? It’s pretty good and pretty cheap (under NT$1 a minute to European landlines) - just using your computer. I use it all the time to call the UK, France and Egypt. Plus if you get a SkypeIn number then people can call you for next to nothing. I have a London number so my friends and family can call me for the cost of a national rate call (next to nothing off-peak if they have the right phone package). There’s a Forumosa thread about it here. I recommend it (and sadly no, I’m not on commission).

I’ve started using the CT life card from calling taiwan (on recommendation in another thread on forumosa). It’s good, but a bit of bother paying and then waiting for your pin to come through. They do do this pretty quick tho (within 24hrs in my experience), and you can call them to hurry them up - I did.