Cheap place to stay in HsinChu


I need to stay in HsinChu for a few weeks. What is the best option? I speak fluent Chinese.



If you want a very very cheap place try the listings here:
(But call them up instead of using the Online Reservation thing).
Hostels here (in Hsinchu) are around 500 TWD/night. You may sleep with many people in one room :slight_smile:
One of the cheaper ones is Peach Hotel (around 800/night) and it’s very central on Minzhu Road, phone: 03 523-4138
If you can read fluently Chinese too it should be easy to find many choices on the Taiwanese web.

Thanks for the pointer. I need a single room, ideally near or on the bus route to a company called TSMC(Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.). Do they have classified on local news papers? The link showed only one hostel in HsinChu.


TSMC has more than one location (lots of huge factories) in the Science Park. Why not ask them for their advice? There are some employee dormitories near “Bamboo” (ZhuCun) Road, which is just next to the Science Park and has the free shuttle buses (which tour the Science Park during the day).
It would be the cheapest solution cause usually those dormitories only charge “employees” around 4000 NT / month.

Otherwise try to find something near Chiao Tung (NCTU) University (thats on GuangFu Road near the Nova Computer Store). The area is more noisy but it has life and you can also take the free Science Park shuttle bus from there.
This is a good Chinese map of the Science Park (and the bus routes inside):

Why can’t you just stay in a hotel? Or are you going to relocate here?

Hi, just stumbled on this thread, and actually I am trying to relocate there, don’t have tons of money, so spending 15k a month on a hotel room is a bit expensive. The dormitory place recommended, why do you put ‘employees’ in quotations? Could I potentially get a room there? Actually, I found an apartment i’d like to rent but the landlord speaks only chinese and I can’t even figure out if it’s still available :stuck_out_tongue:

Which reminds me, I know about the 591 website, can anyone suggest how else I can go about trying to find an apt. in Hsinchu?