Cheap Private Tutoring for Intermediate Level Chinese

I will be in Taiwan for a couple weeks and wanted a cheap private tutor, no need credentials of any sort, to help me improve my chinese. I will only need around 2-3 week of classes maybe 4 times a week.
I’ve been looking at places like TMI and TLI but they charge around 400NT an hour if I take more than 10hrs of class per week but that’s out of my price range. If anybody has suggestions please help me out. I’m arriving in Taiwan in about 1.5 weeks.
I’ll be living in Taipei.

Hi Andrew,
Taiwan Chinese Academy may be the right fit for you! If you plan to live any where within the city center then we should be a convenient location for you (MRT Taipower Building exit 2). Our website is We are a new school so you can contact us for a discount.

In my opinion, you can choose Chinese courses online, Learning Chinese anytime anywhere. learning easy, fast. You can have a try.