Cheap Protein Bars in Taipei?


I use Nature’s Plus KETOslim protein bsrs bought on iHerb site. Just for your reference.


Those look great minus the erythritol. 20g is a lot, and I’ve also read some articles which say it might bring you out of ketosis if you’re on a keto diet.

I’m currently not, but I find those artificial sweeteners hard to digest. Quest has 24g carbs, but 14 is from fiber, which helps my digestion, and only 6 from erythritol. So if you’re worried about net carbs then these have 4 instead of 2, but imo still a better choice even if you are trying to stay in ketosis.

Thanks for letting me know about that brand though, looking at their other products.


I’ve known a lot of athletes and bodybuilders and fitness models. Professional, collegiate, to amateur. Non of them eat protein bars including myself. So that should tell you something. Guys that take all these supplements are usually the ones that are not really making any progress.


Okay, that makes sense just work hard and eat naturally. I don’t care about being ripped, I just want to be in shape for a maybe upcoming tournament and also so that girls will like me, hahaha :slight_smile:.

In Denver, sometimes I just got lazy sometimes, because the protein bars were $.79 and were only 180 calories and 23 grams of protein and organic at King Soopers.


Iin the past I worked in health food stores and have sold lots of protein bars and powders to various sthletes…even to some Dallas Cowboys football players. Every person has a different routine…I now just use protein bars to fill in gaps in my diet like when hiking.


I’m sure it fills you up and has calories for energy. But OP is talking about it to add to his protein intake. Hiking isn’t exactly something that is an athletic sport that requires you to build and repair muscles regularly with high amounts of protein intake. Supplements are what their name indicates supplements. Not meal replacement. Guys that really compete on a high level do take supplements but they focus on their diet. I’m not saying don’t take supplements, I drink protein shakes here and there. But the best progress I made is with good food, and some supplemental protein shakes occasionally.

And to be honest, football players are not the best examples of how to eat. Most of them eat so ridiculously unhealthy but have the genetics to get away with it when they’re still young and because their sport benefits from eating that way. I also knew and had Dallas cowboy neighbors who I threw the ball around with living in the Dallas area. Most of them are so overweight after they retire. I believe linemen die around 50-60 years old as well.


@Flakman @Andrew0409

Do you guys think it is possible to cut and maintain muscle as long as I keep my macro fats and protein up?


What weight and height are you. And do you know your bf%


I’m about 6’1’’ and 195. I am not sure my body fat


It’s hard to say. I’ve been 195 at 6%bf and 195 at 14% at 6’2. But honestly. I’m not one to count calories and protein or fat. I eat what I know i need to eat. I mostly cut carbs and eat about the same when I cut.


Some of the healthiest people I know eat protein bars. One of the guys who recommended Quest to me recently squatted 230 kg at 80 kg. It’s not like it’s a replacement for eating good protein sources, it’s something to have every once in awhile when that isn’t an option. I’m going out of town this weekend so cooking and carrying a bag or meat to last me for several days isn’t really an option, but bringing a few protein bars to help on days where I don’t think I’ll meet my protein goal is fine.

As for keeping muscle: depends on if you can stay in a positive nitrogen balance while you’re in a calorie deficit. Really depends on how much weight you’re looking to lose, how long you’ll be cutting, how you’ll be training and your diet.


Thank you very much. I will cut carbs.


Thank you for your help. I am trying to lose weight for maybe competing in a tournament next month. It’s approximately 30 days away. No set weight, just looking to cut as much as possible without losing muscle


If you are really in tune with your body’s needs then you can judge the best use for supplements. After a hard trek when I have torn down some muscle tissue and hsve only been eating carbs a protein bar is useful for me.