Cheap Tokyo Capsule Hotels?

Is somebody knows some cheap capsule hotels in Tokyo ?
“Cheap” like between 1000 and 3000 Yen ?
Some travel guides say they exist, but it’s pretty hard to find them on the web …

Thanks in advance !

Try the Lonely Planet guide to Tokyo / Japan. There are loads of capsule hotels in Tokyo, for about 40 USD per night. A good place to get one is Shinjuku, because the subway stops early in Tokyo, and taxis are bloody expensive, so it’s good to have some nightlife near your hotel, as hanging out by yourself in a capsule or a smoky TV room full of expressionless Japanese businessmen isn’t much fun.

40 usd to sleep in a closet? don’t they have hostels in japan?

ok, I’ll check that ! thanks BigJohn !

Yes, and they cost about the same. In Japan, “cheap” is only a relative term.

It’s an experience, worth doing once.

Yes, it’s just for one night, so the cheapest (even if it’s the crappiest) is still good for me :slight_smile:)

I think it’s an interesting phenomenon, personally. The one I stayed in also came with free access to a hot tub room, which was nice. Sorry, no idea of the address anymore.