Cheaper areas to live in Taipei?

What districts in Taipei have the cheapest rent prices?
Studio and/or shared apartments - I am just looking for areas in general. Thanks!

Generally xinyi and daan are more expensive. But Taipei is not like other cities where 1 district is the affluent and the other ghetto. You have multiple million dollar flats next to old ran down buildings.

Didn’t realize that, thanks for the input.

Perhaps we could help if you tell us what you’re looking for, what important for a area you live in, or where you have to commute to, and budget.

quick answer would be Beitou District, Wanhua District, Datong District, and maybe Nangang District.

I have not landed a teaching job yet but I am hoping to find one in a central area or in a first tier suburb (not super far out). So on that note it’s hard to say where I will be looking. Would like to have a studio or roommate possibly and be close to an MRT station. I do like Datong and Wanhua but again depends on where I find a job and how long the commute is. Thanks for the help.

The folks I know trying to save a few coins typically live in New Taipei City in districts adjacent to Taipei City proper: Yonghe (if you don’t mind the density) or Xindian, mostly.


Great thanks for the input

If you can wait, I’d suggest landing the job, and looking within walking distance for the housing. Good luck!

You dont want to live in the suburbs, it will be close to impossible to get anything to eat. The food will suck and/or there are no english menus. Add to that your commute will be a nightmare, it can easily take 20 minutes or more to reach city center from e.g. xindian or yonghe.

I agree with this, and after living in Taiwan for a long time, my perspective of “long commute” has also changed, but if you stop to put things in perspective, it is a little funny that we consider 20 minutes to be a nightmare commute. A half hour commute is considered a luxury in many parts of the US. We do get a little spoiled by the convenience of Taiwan.

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So, I wouldnt know what a commute in the US looks like. But, I have never in my professional career had a commute longer than 5-10 minute walk.

I dont see the point in wasting time on the mtr when you could be sitting at your desk, the extra income made in that 1 extra hour easily pays the the more expensive abode.

Not all places (and not all people), but a lot of places in the US involve long commutes. There’s a lot of different reasons. One is that a lot of people who work in major US cities (e.g. New York, SF, LA) can’t afford to live in said cities. So, they end up with hour long commutes (way longer in LA with traffic). Another is that certain parts of America are just really spread out, and if you switch job but don’t want to uproot your family, you’ll end up with a long commute.

I would also point out that, while I agree with you in regards to very long commutes (e.g. 1 hour or more), there’s really not that much of a difference between a 10 minute and a 20-30 minute commute. Most people do not accomplish that much more in the extra 20-30 minutes you’re afforded, and, further, efficient people will simply take advantage of their time on the MRT.

Check out DaTong around daqiaotou station

Close to main station a little old school but cheaper apts and not a bad area

Xindian is not cheaper anymore. Hard to believe but true.

Ankeng is cheaper.

Lol@20 mins commute…If I get in early I don’t sit at my desk I go get coffee outside and play with my phone haha.


Xindian can be cheap if you’re willing to live on the mountains (you’ll definitely need a scooter or car to do so). The same is true for Xinbeitou. It’s a good option if you care about having lots of space at your apartment. If that is not a concern, then it’s probably not a great option.

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Join a Facebook group for rent in Taipei (not one for foreigners). Tons of cheaper deals up there. I saw a listing of a 3 bedroom today near a metro station in the centre for 22k.

591 and other websites are more expensive and the quality is a bit shit.

If you are really not sure but want to have a place ready on arrival, there are almost always cheap rooms in shared units near the universities around Shida/Gongguan. You could always rent a place cheap around there for 3 months while you look for a place you like.

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