Cheapest 60 day visa run

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Where is the nearest place to get a 60 day visa??? Am waiting on a job in June and have already been to HK for a 30 day visa. There must be a place closer than Europe or the US for a 60 day visa :)???..thank you…

Where are you from? Some countries are only going to get a month, no exceptions.

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Legalish me thinks…I’m from the UK my friend, all comments gratefully received.

Malaysia. Cheap hotels and food.

Sure I got one to Taiwan, but I had to send a signed work contract, with passport and photos to the TECO office in the US, they in return sent me a 60 day visitors visa. Which was then turned in to a resident visa once I started working for the company I signed the contact with. I don’t know any other way of getting a 60 day visa. I believe you can arrive in Taiwan on a landing visa and then go to any police staion to get it extended.

Straight up, you managed a 60 day visa from Kuala Lumpar? cheers

A two-month visa is damn-near impossible in Asia. I remember applying in Bangkok. They told me to apply for a 30-day landing visa at the airport. I was polite but insistent, “Here are all the requirements, a letter of invitation from a Taiwanese friend, a return ticket, proof of finances, and proof of my reason for wanting a two-month stay (I showed them articles and a book as proof that I was a writer and was working on a Taiwan book).”
They relented “Okay. We’ll look at it. Come back tomorrow.”

When I returned the following day they told me that my “application” had been rejected (no reason given) and since that day my name has been on a black list. I’m not even eligible for a bloody one-month visa, just a landing visa.

So be careful. And a trip home might be as cheap as two visa runs to Hong Kong.

AFAIK, a 30 day-landing visa is NOT extendable. I had to leave the country, get a new 30 day tourist visa even though I had all the papers I needed to get a work visa.

I’ve been given 60 day visas in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Thailand. But in order to get them I had to produce a) about $NT80,000 in savings b) 3 months pr pais language school tuition fees, and c) an outgoing plane ticket ( reqirement c was not needed in Bangkok).

Sorry, I may have missunderstood. You want a 60 day visa for Taiwan or the other country?

Anyhow, the TECO in KL is actually quite helpfull and easy to deal with. Worth a try perhaps …

I’m a Brit too. I got a sixty day non-extendable in HK, with very little fuss back in June. I remember giving them a printout (easily altered) of an online banking statement. Had to tell them I was a tourist.

Went back in August and got another 60 days, this time extendable. Needed proof of funds, letter of acceptance to study, a letter from me explaining why I wanted to stay in Taiwan(study), and a return ticket.

Met some South Africans on the way home who had no problems getting their second 60 days from the Bangkok office.

Due to changing jobs I needed another visa this month. Despite overstaying I got 60 days non-extendable in HK. The lady I dealt with was actually very helpful, although the dragon at reception is a different story. All I really needed was a letter from the education department stating that they were processing my application for a work permit.

HK is also good because you can fly there on a one-way ticket from the UK and still enter without a visa. If your job is for a year or more you won’t be able to use the return part of a round-ticket ticket anyway.

Then buy a return to Taiwan, which means you have the cheapest possible solution to the ‘ticket home’ requirement. I actually bought my ticket in China: Haikou-Hong Kong/Hong Kong-Taipei/Taipei-Hong Kong. I have kept the unused portion of my ticket, and bought a new return from Taiwan for each visa run. Nobody has ever questioned it.