Cheapest flights to mexico city

Ola amigos. My wife and I are planning to visit Mexico in late January to attend my niece’s wedding. I did a bit of online searching and it seems like the cheapest return flights Taipei - Mexico City - Taipei are around 1700USD. But are there any citizens of the United States of Mexico out there who know how to get a better deal? Muchos gracias.

Try a route with a Japan stop: TPE-Osaka or Tokio-Mexico city.

If you go through US, try one of the flights from the east coast -IAD or Atlanta. Ironically, those are cheaper. Hopefully one of those flights that stopover Mexico, but have their final destination elsewhere.

Try TACA’s “milkman” flight, or other regional airline. They are safe, and while their food and service may not be what you are normally used to, they will still get you there in one piece.

By the way, that quotation you got is more than what I have been quoted to go home -further down south.

Send an e-mail to , but you will need to be able to read Chinese though as the website is in Chinese only.

That’s about what we paid for Tpe-Tokyo-Dallas-Leon-Dallas-Chicago-Tpe.


That’s Chinese new year, so I’ve heard the prices are higher anyway.