Cheapest Place to buy a 27 inch LCD TV

I wanted to pick one of these up to use in my small den. I saw the prices at the big Shilin 3C store were between NT$39,000 (Vtek) up to NT$49,000 (Teco, Benq). Does anyone know about any other deals like these or something even cheaper?

Also, I read somewhere that the 30in LCDs were to drop or just dropped below US$1,500 but that is not what I saw at the 3C store which leads me to conclude either report was wrong, those were wholesale volume prices, or I am not looking in the right place for a good deal.

Any help is appreciated.

Supposedly, Carefour, Geant and other big shops are killing each other in prices over these. Haven’t personally taken a look thought. The 40K ones are probably flat screen. Non-flat screen ones should be significantly cheaper. Also, it appears that 29" ones are MUCH cheaper. There’s a westinghouse one at carrefour going for 28,900

I saw a similar report about the LCDs, but I doubt we’ll see prices like that for about a month. The retailers still have old stock that they brought in at higher prices and they aren’t too keen on taking a loss on those things.

One more question for the clever people.If I buy a TV (110v),can I use an adoptor to change it to 220v,or will it blow.What about a DVD player,Fridge and washing machine.


You’ll need a transformer, not just an adaptor. I’m pretty sure you can find transformers for your TV and DVD player(you might not even need one, since some are 110-220V), but ones big enough for your fridge and washing machine might be a bit harder to come by.

Anyone have actual experience?

Theoretically possible but I would not recommend it for stuff that consumes more than a 100 Watt (at least not as a permanent solution). So no issue with most DVD players but for fridge and washing machine you need a huge and heavy transformer.
Also note that transformers consume some power even the equipment connected to it is not in use (switched off or disconnected even).

You may chose equipment with multi-voltage inputs, some TVs and DVD players have that and are available here.
Forget taking a washing machine and fridge with you. IMHO.

Taiwan uses the NTSC system for TV’s, VCR’s, and DVD players, but most of the rest of the world uses the PAL system, which is incompatible with NTSC.

Where are you planning on taking your TV? The only other countries that use NTSC are USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Burma, and most of Central America and South America.

Well, you can buy a converter to convert NTSC to PAL, but they usually cost at least US$100.

Click here to see a chart of which system is used for every country in the world.

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depending on if your cable box has HDMI out, at the 27-inch range, you may want to also consider computer monitors of that size.

Er… I can’t help thinking that after 6 years, if Hobart hasn’t bought his new TV by now, he never will. :laughing:
I mean, Jeez! Even my cell phone has a bigger screen than that now.

Er… I can’t help thinking that after 6 years, if Hobart hasn’t bought his new TV by now, he never will. :laughing:
I mean, Jeez! Even my cell phone has a bigger screen than that now.[/quote]

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