Cheapest place to stay in HK w/o reservation?

Where is the cheapest place to stay in HK without a reservation?
All I ask is somewhere in the city and clean and safe…

Try this place:

i always stay there when I’m in HK. The owners are nice and the rooms are clean and cheap. Good luck.

When I was there I stayed in the New Garden Hostel on the 10th floor of Mirador Mansions in Nathan Road. Some people would say it’s a dump, but by my backpacker standards it was OK. Better than anywhere in nearby Chungking Mansions, and better than the more famous Garden Hostel on the 3rd floor of the same building. The boss was a lady from Shanghai who kept the place ship-shape and gave me a discount for turning up of my own accord instead of being dragged in by one of those young touts from Bangladesh. I slept in the dorm, but you could have your own room for HK$180 or so. Can anyone confirm that it’s still there? It’s 6 years or so since I stayed there.

Umm how about the Chung-King Mansions next to the Holiday Inn. No reservations required, you’ll be hounded by agents outside the place. And it’s cheap. When I was there it was clean and fairly safe. I was told before I went it would be disgusting, but it wasn’t. No roaches, ants or other rodents. The lifts are a bit old, but it was around $150 for 3 nights, I think… I forget it was over three years ago…

Just take the airport train to --someone help me I forget which stop – then from that station take a bus to the Holiday Inn. It brought me the front, you can walk through the lobby to the other side of the hotel and you will come out on Nathan Road, I believe you should turn left and walk less then a minute before people start asking if you if you need a place to stay…

Chungking Mansions and Mirador Arcade are both very cheap. There are many touts around there and they will show you the way if you can’t find it yourself.

Last time I was there (in October 2002) I stayed in a place on the seventeenth floor of the Chungking Mansions. It was HK$100 a night for a small and very basic single room. But it was clean and quiet and just a place to sleep, so it was OK.

I think bus A21 from the airport drops you off right in front of the Mirador Arcade.

The bus is okay, but I prefered the express train from the airport, it’s fast, new and cool!!! I took the bus from the Chungking Mansions back to the airport as the bus is located almost directly in front of the building. The bus is definitely cheaper and I think the bus is A1, no wait that’s a steak sauce… :? I forget, it’s been too long…

The Airport bus is A11 , so you were close heh heh .

Thanks anyways.