Cheapest way to buy a good tv in Taiwan

Buying tvs here is insane. The prices are like 4-5 times the cost of buying in America.

Is it possible to import tvs and if so, is it significantly cheaper? Should I buy it imported from Korea or Japan or try to ship from America?

Where can I do this (Amazon??)

Who tf is paying like 400,000 Ntd for a tv ??!!

Have you been to Costco? You can get a decent sized TV for 20k to 30k



What are you trying to buy?

I bought a 4K TV for $15000 five years ago.

And imported TVs aren’t compatible with local signalling.



Is not a 55 inch Sony good enough?

TVs are insane in Taiwan, especially high-end models. OLED more than 65 inches is crazy what they ask, totally not worth it. I don’t know why Taiwan have these crazy prices on TVs and audio.

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This is about the price I’d be looking for. I have a sanlux but it’s having some issues regarding the connectivity so I was hoping to upgrade.

Maybe I could stretch it to 30,000 if I really save up, but id expect a pretty damn good tv for 30,000. Should be one of those newer models 60,000 Ntd should be the price for the very top of the market

What are your requirements?

Actually I’m still doing research on tvs because I’m not up to date on current tech.

But I was more just flabbergasted at the prices I saw browsing carrefour and 3c (I don’t have Costco membership)

I’m hoping for something like 65 inches in terms of size but maybe 55 is enough.

True 4k or better with HDMI 2.1

I would prefer a high latency capable model if possible

I’d also like QLED if possible. But if it’s good quality I don’t mind led tech

Unless you’re living in an apartment with a giant living room, a 55 inch tv is more than enough.

Where is this ad from?

Carrefour :laughing:

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I have a pretty decent sized room but you’re still probably right

You sure you don’t prefer a low latency model…?

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Think about how you felt the last time you had front row seats in a movie theater. For me, it was quite an uncomfortable viewing experience.


Low latency not high lmao

Are the prices different in the store vs online? Am I just stupid/blind

I’m one of those weird people who like it :joy:

It’s funny how Some of the screens and most of the tv chips are designed and made in Taiwan but they cost 4 times as back home.


I’m not sure about online prices, but that if you’re not in any hurry, maybe wait until the mid autumn festival to see if there is any sort of promotional item on sale then.

Also, if your gf has a credit card, you can pay on installment.

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Good idea!

She doesn’t. But that’s ok I’d prefer not to pay things in installments.

Thanks for the suggestions!!