Cheapest way to buy a good tv in Taiwan

It doesn’t matter to everyone, but you often won’t get credit card points if you pay by instalment.

(One of the biggest purchases of the past few years was three air conditioners, would have been plenty of points, but we went with the instalment plan even though it was totally unnecessary. But that belongs in the “ARGH!” thread I suppose.)

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Very rich people (nouveau riche)

And maybe the (LED, LCD) panels are made in Taiwan or not and are taxed on import.

I got a second hand one a few weeks ago. 2800 or something like that. There’s a second hand street nearby guting station.

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Wow really? With decent electronics?

Those don’t have a tuner, so they are monitors, not TVs.

I found this which seems to have decent pricing (more expensive still but not egregiously so at least in the mid to budget range

You can get a 75” Xiaomi TV for 26,000. Just don’t connect it to the internet, and use an Android box or Apple TV box for smart TV features instead.

I’m currently using a 55” Samsung that I got used for less than 10k a year ago.


No Black Friday in Taiwan?

I don’t think anyone uses internal tuners anymore. In fact, most TVs aren’t TVs. They are just monitors, which have chipsets that can accept pretty much any signal the HDMI version supports. Some people may do OTA, but set top boxes that will work on any monitor are cheap.

If you want a huge OLED you need to import it or accept paying double or triple. If you’re willing to go with a company like TCL, you can get a huge screen for a reasonable price here.

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I disagree. It’s hard to go too big. Get the largest TV with the best blacks you can afford.