Cheapest way to get from London to Taipei?

Hi guys,

What would be a cheap way to get from London to Taipei?

Any recommendations of a specific company to use when flying from Bangkok or Hong Kong to Taipei?

from zrh malaysian airline would be the cheapest i heard, but you’d have to wait in KL for about 8 hours. donno if their flying from london though

You should book your ticket straight through from London to Taipei, whatever company you’re travelling with. That way you don’t have to check your luggage in twice.

I went with Malaysia Airlines from Taipei-Manchester return. It was good, and although I had an 8 hour daytime stopover in Kuala Lumpur, they still paid for a hotel room and dinner.
The food is good!

You don’t have to check your luggage in twice unless you’re making a stop over, i.e. stay a night or two.

You can hardly find any airline that flies directly without any stop from London to Taipei. It’s too long a flight, they need to get down to get some fuel…
From Europe you usually have to change once or twice, depending on the airline.

A night in KL sounds cool, if they pay the hotel and everything. Maybe I should try next time…thanks for the info

Check with your travel agent on rates on Royal Brunei as well, they’re almost as cheap as MH, if you don’t like cramped economy class seating, their business class fares are quite competitive.

Thanks for the ideas. The web sites found so far didn’t pop anything reasonable and most seem to have a time limit of a few weeks at most.

Did you guys buy a one-way or return?

On that trip TPE-KL-MAN I had a return ticket. I would suggest going to a good travel agent rather than websites. I don’t think it will be any more expensive that way, and it will be easier.

If you don’t have a visa and/or work permit yet you MUST have a return ticket, else it’s ‘no entry’.