Check list for leaving Taiwan

What is a leaving Taiwan checklist?



National Palace museum.
Taipei 101
Binlang Xi Shi

Didn’t you just post a similar topic a week ago?

Ensure NHI knows your leaving permanently.
Advise banks, creditors, and utilities
Advise the transportation ministry if you have a vehicle or license.
Cancel unnecessary insurances, telecom, etc
Settle any outstanding taxes
Advise landlord in advance

Stay in the Novotel by the airport for easy access to your flight. Maybe have a buffet breakfast with a pilot to get some tips on how to get priority seating or something.


Taipei 101 is closed for 3 days btw, OP

Bring chòu dòufu if your journey is long, many airports have closed lounges and restaurants.

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Go to a tea shop. /s

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You guys are killing it :sweat_smile:

Lion’s club banquet dinner


Go into nearest hospital and run quickly around inside without any mask on.
Make sure you know where all the exits are.

That’ll be $3,000,000 sir.

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NT$ :slight_smile:

Well ya, this is taiwan. But if you paid in USD no one would complain…

Pay or get back tax for this year’s earning.

Good question. I assume it’s a checklist of items to take care of before leaving Taiwan.