Check my new scoooot

Ok, so it’s not the Magic 125 or the new BWS…but she’s NICE! I’m such a dork…I turned on the lights and the lights on the display panel was orange. But I have seen ones that were blue before…on RS100s, so I thought I will go and have blue lights installed. The next time I turned on the lights they were blue!! If you switch the lights on and off the display panel changes:) Almost made a big (#(*# of myself:) hahaha

she puuuuurty me thinks…

Cool 'scooter…be safe…and Happy!

Mispost, got you confused with someone else, but this post was going to be hilarious had it been about someone else. Delete me.

[quote]If you switch the lights on and off the display panel changes:)[/quote]Now that is not good. I would wear that switch clean off in no time. I’d be like Homer Simpson going “Turn on, turn off, turn on, turn off, turn on, turn off…”

Congrats on your new lawnmower! No offense, really. Look on the bright side, I did not call it a hairdryer. :wink:


it feels odd to drive a scooter again…so used to my old clunky Sanyang motorcycle. Boy was he on his last wheel… (!!!) oil streaming out from under the seat, engine and suspension in the front.

It does feel good to not be worried about getting burnt, or the bike dying on you while youre going up a mountain so steep you need two feet on the ground or youre in big trouble…or carrying my wetsuit everywhere…

does NOT feel good to have such a nice looking scoot though…I was never worried about someone bumping into Grandpa or stealing him…

loooove the disc breaks!! And my doggies can catch a ride with me!(main reason why I changed to a scoot…)If it wasn’t for the dogs I would’ve gotten a KTR.


I gave the store my old motorcycle, so had to go back there today to get my ID back. And the moment the mechanic saw me he called me over and handed me some keys. Now I was yapping about the Magic 125 while buying my scoot…so he knew I love them.

And what is parked right around the corner!!! EEEEEEEEEEEK! They got one last night…what are the chances? I’ve been looking for 2nd hand ones for more than a year! I took it for a spin…it’s much heavier than the one I got,but man, I can’t ignore the weirdness of this all…

soooo, they are checking out the engine etc, going to see what it’s worth… The lady that works there seemed irritated…but the mechanics said they will talk to the boss tonite. I didn’t want to seem too excited…they may charge me more or something…

don’t you guys think this is a nice coincidence?! SO I may be the owner of a Magic 125 soon:)

So what happened?

The story in detail…it’s called ‘Three scooters in one week’