Check visa status?

I have an ARC that expires at the end of August. I’m going home for a month now. Although I’ve finished my contract at the school I’ve signed a new one starting in Septemeber. They said they won’t cancel my ARC (a lot of other teachers left at the same time and are having their ARC’s cancelled) and just keep the current one running then reapply for next year when i get back.

However, TIT and I don’t trust them, so is there anyway that I can check my visa status when I’m in the UK? Then i’ll know if i need a tourist visa to come back or not.

The most obvious way to “check this out” is to verify the expiry date of the RE-ENTRY PERMIT in your passport.

If that is valid up to (and beyond) the date when you will be coming back to Taiwan, it would appear that you are in good shape.

According to my experience, it is not necessary to show your ARC when coming through customs at the TAOYUAN AIRPORT or KAOHSIUNG AIRPORT, all the customs officers look at is your RE-ENTRY PERMIT.

The moment your re-entry stamp expires you won’t be allowed back in I believe …

The expiry date is the end of August, but I’m worried that if they cancel my work permit then when I come back to Taiwan my ARC will be invalid and I’m not sure how I can find this out for myself.

I guess the only way to do so would be through the ROC representitive office in the UK but I am not sure if it would work smoth and fast. Isn’t there 14 days time frime as well, I mean after they cancel it you still would have 14 days (like to leave country and fix things before “they kick you out”)?
So regarding the speed such things usually travel through the different involved departments here chances are big that nothing happend till you are back.
Check with the office you got you ARC from to make sure.