Check your sunscreen's ingredients before traveling

First Palau, next Hawaii. This will probably catch on.

The banned ingredients according to the International Coral Reef Initiative:


Yeah, well how am I supposed to thrash without heavy metal?

Very useful. I’ve been looking what chemicals are banned and I couldn’t find it.

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Good, I don’t use sunscreen. It affects uptake of vitamin D.

Very good. I was there a long time ago getting srunl with our boat crew and so e government guys (at the only bar they drink at apparently). This was up in there agenda then. And it is a good idea.

Sunscreen is kind of an old thing now. Pretty sure city office workers are the only ones who would go into pristine water habitat and lather themselves with oily chemicals so they can stay whiter.

Pretty sure the jellyfish lakes have had this ban (rule?) For a long time as well. Its called clothing, we arent swimming in a competion.

I wouldn’t exactly call sunscreen an old thing.
I will burn within 15 minutes without it. Even wearing sunscreen, I burned my hands so bad in Taiwan last summer that I had huge blisters on the tops of my hands while driving my scooter.
Some of us don’t tan or get darker at all. We just turn red and burn to a crisp. Of course, we should find sunscreen without harsh chemicals but it’s definitely still important and not just for the sake of staying white!

Yes. I am like you. I peel in 36 hours of a burn. Its really bad, especially here with high UV.

But sunscreen means: screen your skin from the sun. Aka clothing. People here dont burn like us white folk but they wear gloves on scooters still. I used to be against it as well cause us cold country folk also get heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I was hospitilized 1 to 3 times a year my first decade here due to heat. Its a pain. But swimming (or on scooters) it is different.

At the very least we shouldnt be so selfiah as to wear oily chemical garbage going into a pristine quarantined environment just so we can have a picture with the fishies…

No wonder they blocked off the other inland lakes there…why not start giving free peanut packets out in the allergy ward out of the goodness of our hearts :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s so hard to put more clothes on in the summer here. I can’t get used to the heat!!

Ahh, I definitely agree about keeping the environment clean. I’m glad Palau enacted this law and I hope that other countries follow suit. If you are only going in the ocean just for a photo… well I don’t know even know where to begin with that. Some tourists…

Or so they can stay jade instead of turning olive. :2cents: